A collection that is rooted in the rich history and its traditions, the Jaipur rugs are handcrafted at every step of the making process.The artisan techniques that have been passed down centuries result in timeless luxury and quality that lasts for generations to come. The Jaipur collection begins with a solid foundation of warm neutrals that showcase the highest quality of materials and celebrate the rich saturation of colors prominent in the Aravalli hills region of Rajasthan, India.

The Story

Encapsulate the essence of Jaipur’s artistic heritage through a contemporary lens. Find generations of handcrafted artistry and woven stories of their ancestors in rugs where luxury is in each detail. Celebrate the old-world techniques that weave together time-honored colors of nature and architecture, and motifs that breathe new life into tradition. This collection invites individuals to adorn their spaces with a piece of Jaipur’s soul.