About Postcard

Postcard is an embrace of the heritage and craftsmanship of the most spirited maker communities across the world. Our approach allows designers to draw on these traditions to create truly inspired pieces; rugs of the highest quality, which speak strongly of place, culture, and the romance of travel. Each piece is expertly handcrafted by craftspeople deeply rooted in the practices of their land and community, creating a tangible and lasting connection between interior spaces and a vibrant world of beauty and purpose.


Nature plays key importance in our company. Animals, plants and minerals are all used as resources for material fibers and dyes.

Our Philosophy

Our values are reflected in our working practices and in our care for the artisans who weave our rugs. We pay fair wages, and our clients can be confident that our products are crafted by workers whose dignity and worth is always respected. Our clients can likewise expect to be treated fairly and respectfully and can be assured of attentive, professional service and quality products which exceed expectations and will last for many years.

Each object is a testament to the dignity and respect we uphold for our skilled artisans. We offer a thoughtful, design-focused experience that is based on a commitment to efficiency and transparency.


Ready to Design?

Use our online design platform to create unique pieces, designed to your exact specifications, whether you are working on a residential or commercial project. We will work with you to review and finalize your design, after which the rug will be hand-produced by our highly skilled artisans.

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