A global story woven in tradition

Tell the story of your space with our custom design platform.

Our patterns and textures form a ground for interiors which draw on history and tradition, while perfectly suiting modern design sensibilities.


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Our handmade creations form a warm and stable ground for interior spaces, which draw on artisanal heritage and tradition, while perfectly suiting modern design sensibilities and modern living. Our design guide introduces the basics of rug use cases.

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Our online custom design platform allows you to create unique pieces designed to your exact specifications whether you are working on a residential or commercial project. Choose from one of our designs or upload your own. We will work with you to review and finalize your design, after which rug samples will be created and an approved design will be hand-produced by our highly skilled artisans.

Every item in our collections can be customized for color, scale and pattern without upcharge.

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Choose from the Postcard design library or alternatively upload your own design and we will work with you to make your vision reality.

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Different weaves have very different qualities. We take great pride in understanding the importance of purpose whether pure luxury or rudimentary function. Browse our qualities, pick what makes your heart sing.

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Each of our rugs is expertly hand-produced by craftspeople deeply rooted in the practices of their land, creating tangible and lasting connections between your interior space and a rich exterior world.

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